Blockchain for business

Hanzo enables businesses to launch and operate blockchain networks, develop decentralized applications and deliver compelling experiences.


Built for decentralized business

Hanzo's APIs and SDKs provide flexible and powerful tools for building decentralized apps. Whether you're launching a token sale, building a marketplace for collectables, or opening an ecommerce store, Hanzo enables rapid development of beautiful and secure user experiences.

Flexible Payments

Hanzo Payments enables simple, secure payments and wallet management. Process crypto or fiat payments and automatically receive settlements in the cryptocurrency of your choice with zero price risk or volatility.

Wallet solutions for any user

Tools for creating custodial and non-custodial wallets allow you to prioritize ease-of-use or top-of-the-line security based on your customer.

Multi-signature accounts

Secure, multi-asset account management for individuals, businesses and institutions. Native multi-signature wallets for Bitcoin and Ethereum.

Write less code

Take advantage of blockchain technology without being an expert. With one, unified crypto-commerce platform support new currencies, payment methods and business models.

Smarter Contracts

Launch and manage entire token ecosystems and programmatically deploy contracts with built-in security features. Deploy Tokens, Airdrops, Collectibles and Referral contracts in less than a minute.

DIY meets reliability

Our smart contracts are customizable to your specification. Just start with one of our foundational templates and build from there.

Zero worry Smart Contracts

Safely develop more reliable smart contracts than ever before thanks to built-in versioning, automated deployments and rollback.

Manage Smart Contracts

All your smart contracts in one place. Use Hanzo Dashboard to manage token sales and marketplaces, audit transactions, and gain insight into your business.

Designed for developers

We measure success in how little blockchain code you have to write. Quickly integrate Hanzo with our well documented SDKs and numerous APIs. Our scalable platform is battle-tested and engineered for high availability. Hanzo lets you focus on your product and helps you ship new features faster.

Focus on Development, not DevOps. Launch nodes for public or private blockchains and effortlessly scale to meet any demand.

World-class documentation, libraries, and contracts make building blockchains and decentralized applications easy.

Use the tools and workflow you already know and love. Deploy smart contracts straight from GitHub and re-deploy whenever you push updates.

Need help? Ask us anything. Or join us on Gitter and chat with our friendly engineers. Need a custom solution? Contact us.